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biologique recherche custom facials

nefeli gua sha facial

harmonizing whole plant facial

nourishing facial

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reawaken facial

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We offer luxurious custom facials that calm the body and appeal to all of your senses. We work with the best non-toxic skincare products from around the world to address your skincare goals and help you achieve healthy, glowing skin

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biologique recherche custom facials

Biologique Recherche is a world renowned luxurious French skincare brand. With a cult following of over 30 years, Biologique Recherche's Methodology has earned an enviable reputation for effectiveness, thanks to its winning combination: a clinical approach to personalized skincare; unadulterated, concentrated and practically raw products; and complex formulas applied with original and rigorous treatment protocols.

Its holistic approach to skin – as an organ that’s directly connected to all the others – brings a particularly groundbreaking vision to all the techniques specific to the brand. 

 60- minutes-$225.00 | This treatment is perfect for anyone who is looking for a deep cleansing treatment. Helping to rehydrate and balance their skin. No boosters are included in the treatment. 

75-minutes-$275.00 | This treatment includes one *booster. Your aesthetician will select the best-suited booster to help achieve your skin goals with a result-driven personalized experience.

90-minutes-$325.00 | This treatment includes two *boosters. Your aesthetician will select the best-suited boosters to help achieve your skin goals with a results-driven personalized experience. 


reawaken facial

A signature facial created by Kari

Everything around us is made of energy. Even our bodies have their our own beautiful auric field. Energy even runs through the tissue of our own skin. By incorporating the different frequency’s of stones along with using exquisite facial products that promote renewal on to the skin, we are able to bring our fields into harmony & alignment. 

This treatment was created for those feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, disconnected from themselves. Showing the same ways in the skin: dullness, loss of elasticity and uneven tone or texture. During this time it is all about cleansing, letting go and promoting our selves and our skin to REAWAKEN.

60- minutes- $210.00


nefeli gua sha facial

A wonderful treatment with Aga.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, this deeply relaxing treatment soothes the nervous system while rejuvenating the skin. The treatment includes a deeply hydrating sheet mask which plumps the skin with peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Custom products are chosen based on skin type and are enhanced with the healing power of the white jade Gua Sha stone. White jade is said to be anti-inflammatory and soothing to the skin and brings peace and love energetically.

This facial is suitable for addressing many skin concerns including aging, pigmentation, and fine lines as well as blemishes and puffiness. Take the time to unwind while uncovering your skin's own ability to heal.

60 minutes - $180.00


harmonizing whole plant facial

A wonderful treatment with Aga.

Bring balance to your skin with this relaxing treatment. All products and massage are tailored to your specific needs. New clients receive a 30 minute consultation to discuss what impacts their skin including environment, nutrition, stress and skincare products. The consultation is an essential part of the treatment process as it gives a whole picture of what your skin needs.

60 minutes- $1160.00

90 minutes (30 minute consultation for new clients) - $180.00



A wonderful treatment with Kari.

I am a whole-body esthetician, pursuing facial wellness through various spa therapies. The skin is your largest organ and #1 line of defense, which is why I might work on your feet, back or neck during your treatment. Your face is always going to positively reflect the work you do on the rest of your body. In order to achieve healthy skin, it needs to be supported everywhere! 

My approach relies on building trusting relationships with my clients, tailoring every treatment to meet their unique needs. Utilizing modalities like Gua Sha and connective tissue massage, I create space for my clients to enter a restful state while reawakening movement within their skin

I design specific programs to meet the needs of my clients, whether they are looking to contour, lift and firm their skin, refine their skin’s texture, reduce and eliminate age spots, or diminish expression lines. I am here to help you reach your skin goals!

New clients receive a 30 minute consultation. By exploring such things as your environment, nutrition, stress and skincare products, this allows me to customize treatments based on what your skin is communicating. You are welcome to add on an addition 30 minutes to receive a 30 minute consultation and 90 minute treatment.

90 minutes- $250
120 minutes- $325
30 extra minutes- $100


concierge-skin consultation

A wonderful treatment with Aga or Kari.

This consultation will help you find the best treatments and products for your skin goals. After a quick cleanse, I will take a close look at your skin and share my findings! We will discuss your concerns and goals, and I will answer any questions that you might have. Best part is, if you decide to purchase products totaling $75 or more, your consultation fee will be applied towards your purchase!

30 minutes - $75.00


Cleansing Back Facial

Give your back some love too with our new back facial! Deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate with this treatment. Whether you need rejuvenating or clarifying, or a little bit of both, we have something for you.

Opening moves

50 minutes- $170.00


"Nurturing Skin Coach Kari is providing an unwavering and nurturing experience to her clients. She finds great joy in making us all feel good in a relaxing environment. Kari’s nutritional approach provides us with knowledge to live a cleaner, healthier life."

- Karen C.

"Getting a facial with Kari is a physical, mental and spiritual treat! She has such passion for excellent skincare and is constantly improving her techniques. Facials are at the top of my self-care list because of how great my skin looks and how peaceful I feel during the process. Working with Kari is nourishment for the soul!"

- Sara Beth S.

"I had the most amazing facial with Kari! Not only was it relaxing, felt amazing and left my skin looking great- but she was really informative and addressed my skin issues, giving suggestions for improvement. I especially liked how she tied together whole body wellness (like nutrition) into skincare. I highly recommend Kari!"

- Johanna O.

"The results are always amazing and to say its relaxing is an understatement! I spent years getting treatments from some well known skin care spas and Doctors in the area. They can not hold a candle to an hour with Kari. My skin has never looked better than it does today."

- Megan P.

" I can honestly say that my skin has never looked in I stopped wearing foundation! Kari is wonderful. She knows exactly what my skin needs and what I need. Couldn't be happier!"

- Ann P.

After one ALT session with Kari, I had my first pain-free week in five months!

- Lauren


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