Vodder manual lymphatic drainage training

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What is manual lymphatic drainage?

MLD or Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle, light rhythmic touch technique that is deeply relaxing while aiding with cellular repair & regeneration. Working from the inside out to accelerate the flow of fresh oxygen & nutrients while encouraging the illumination of metabolic waste.

how can mld help your esthetics business?

MLD is is analgesic, de-congestive, anti-inflammatory, and restorative. By quieting the sympathetic nervous system MLD induces the 'relaxation response' which combats the effects of physical stress. Helping with acne, rosacea, skin congestion, tissue scarring, water retention, pre & post surgery. Think facial for inside the tissue. Leaving the skin refreshed, slimmed and glowing! This technique is easily incorporated with other treatments or as an add on.   

nashville, tn

October 20 - 22, 2023

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Neck and Face: Foundational



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