Allow yourself time for self discovery. Become clear on who you want to be connecting with in your treatment room. Understanding & Feeling confident in your vision. What abundance means to you, getting real with money. Learn to lay out a path to your "North Star"

Level 1 - Your Alchemy Foundation

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage or MLD is a gentle, light rhythmic touch technique that is deeply relaxing while aiding with cellular repair & regeneration. Relieving inflammation, redness, puffiness, swelling all while improving the skin's texture.

Vodder Manual Lymphatic Facial - The Foundational

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Imagine learning to connect with your client on a deeper level. Truly learning how to use the power of touch. With an intuitive connection to communicate with the body through the skin while holding space for your client to connect to their divine self. What is their skin trying to communicate? This course is pioneering a revival of the ancient ways. 

Level 2 - Your Intuitive Connection 


Live training's & mentorships: Teaching the power of touch & a holistic approach to set new standards, revive ancient practices and embody a spiritual connection for a modern future in esthetics.  

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Connective Tissue Facial is the true anti-aging technique for the natural "face lift". This technique firms, tones and balances the tissue while enhancing collagen synthesis & encouraging deep relaxation.  

Connective Tissue Facial

(Mentorship Program - 1 day in person workshop)

(Mentorship Program)

online & 3 day in person

August 9-11
November 1-3

Vodder Manual Lymphatic
Facial - The Foundational


Next Franklin, TN Dates :

online & 2 day in person

JUne 8-9
September 7-8

Connective Tissue Facial

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 Self-paced or scheduled Online & Zoom - No IN PERSON

Enrollment for the next round is open!

Level 1 - Your Alchemy Foundation
(Mentorship program)

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 1 day in person

July 13

Level 2 - Your Intuitive Connection
(Mentorship Program)

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"Kari’s approach is a breath of fresh air. She is very attentive and precise while remaining warm and welcoming. Her teaching is very hands on and every question gets answered which creates the confidence in her students to actually apply what they’ve learned. Her dedication to not only her clients but her students shines through the work she does. Kari is one of the kindest, most nurturing people I know and anyone taking a course from her would be fortunate to learn from such a professional. "  

- Aga Martin,
Esthetician Apprentice

"Being an educator in the pre-salon esthetics field, I want to give my students an opportunity to “think outside of the skincare box” and learn about alternative options in their future career path. Kari’s interaction with my students when we visited her beautiful space on our field trip was nothing short of amazing. Kari’s expertise in holistic esthetics combined with her passion and eloquence has opened all of my student’s eyes….and hearts….to the green beauty industry."  

- Amy Bowers

"Before visiting Kari, I was not fully aware of what holistic aesthetics was and all that it involved. You can see how passionate she is about people and healing. She is so knowledgeable, warm, and has an incredible energy that made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. I am excited to learn more from her in the future."

- Sam T.

"Holistic healthcare has truly changed my life and Kari is the perfect example of the peace and healing it can provide. While listening to Kari speak, her passion radiates through her and excites everyone in the room to be a part of this field. I greatly appreciate Kari and all of the wisdom she brings to the table. I look forward to learning even more form her in the future!"

- Jaycee C.

“I first met Kari 5 years ago at a Boundaries workshop! This was when I first fell in love with holistic esthetics! Who would have thought years later, I would be enrolled in esthetics. Kari is so incredibly talented and smart, she has inspired me to explore the holistic world of esthetics! I look forward to learning more from Kari."

- Laura B.




I've been in the industry for 25 years. I'm passionate about going deeper into the whole person not only what we see on the surface. After growing Nourishing Skin Coach into a thriving business over the last 5 years, I'm ready to share my secrets and help you do the same!

Someone asked me the other day what I would want my legacy to be in the world of esthetics. After sitting for a moment to think, I hope to have taught my students how to truly connect intuitively with their clients through the skin. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Everyone from beginners - advanced estheticians

+Outside the box thinkers.
+Those that want to go beyond the basic connection with their client
+ Those looking for a new way to communicate with the body through the skin


How do I know where to start?

+Level 1 is a great place to start for those coming into the field, going out on their own or wanting to create a solid foundation for their business.

+Level 2 For those that have completed Level 1

+MLD or Connective Tissue is for those that have been practicing already & are ready to take their business to the next level. Or those new and want to go deep learning more.



Yes, Nourishing Skin Coach is built on relationships. You will most definitely always be supported.

Level 1 - Has weekly online courses along with 90 min Zoom check-ins to support you on your weekly journey

Level 2 - Consists of weekly online courses with closing the course with a 2 day in person hands on training.

MLD & Connective Tissue - Online theory is completed followed by either 2 or 3 day in person, hands on training.



Machines can be very costly. Having not only the up front cost but cost to maintain with parts or fingers crossed you don't have any technical issues causing you to send it in for repairs. Taking money off of the table for you while also acquiring a cost to have it fixed. Trends used to come and go every few years now it seems that there are new ones everyday popping up.

A more holistic approach allows for you to continually plant many different seeds. With most of the cost being more of your time as you build a solid foundation of income. Your cost is being spent on education that moves you apart from others in the business and also gains more respect with your clients. Our hands are the tools that connect with your client. The gifts you were given to touch & impact the lives of others.



These programs are one of a kind, a revolutionary approach into skincare setting you apart from others. Teachings are taught through hands on touch, Truly learning to sculpt, building lasting relationships while listening to your clients. A new way of communicating with the body through the skin on an intuitive level of connection with your clients.

Through supporting the health of the tissue you are aiding in the beautification of the client without even using 1 drop of product.






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