Release the tension you are holding.

body treatments

Your body deserves a treatment to heal.

As an organ that is directly connected to all others- it is your protector, regulator and allows for you to feel the healing power of touch. Our body treatments are designed to relax, support and uplift. 


Lotuswei Body + Mind Treatment

Delight in nurturing aromas of flowers and fruits, as you're dry brushed to gently exfoliate your skin and lightly cleanse your lymphatic system. Enjoy an exotic palette of 25 aromatic essential oils as you're wrapped in soft sheets and given a gentle facial, decollete and foot massage infused with exotic flower remedies from around the world to enhance love, happiness, inspiration and peace. After this sublime treatment you'll look and feel amazing! (We love to add this on to any facial.)

Profoundly elevates mood
Enhances peace, clarity, joy, energy
Exfoliates dead cells & cleanses the skin
Stimulates & enhances skin tone and circulation
Leaves skin soft, smooth & revitalized

60 minutes - $150.00



Aroma-Reflex stands to be one of the most profound beauty treatments that is offered at Nourishing Skin Coach. This treatment application is done on the skin of the back, neck and face to make this a truly holistic treatment. Custom paired with the delicate Lotuswei flower essences to open & support healing pathways of the body. Truly promoting a radiant glow from the inside out.

Bringing harmony to the physical body, the mind & the emotional/spiritual body
Promotes deep relaxation 
Profound feeling of being grounded

60 minutes - $170.00


Give your back some love too with our new back facial! Deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate with this treatment. Whether you need rejuvenating or clarifying, or a little bit of both, we have something for you.

Opening moves
Cleanse and exfoliation

50 minutes - $170.00

cleansing back Facial

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"I had the most amazing facial with Kari! Not only was it relaxing, felt amazing and left my skin looking great- but she was really informative and addressed my skin issues, giving suggestions for improvement. I especially liked how she tied together whole body wellness (like nutrition) into skincare. I highly recommend Kari!"

- Johanna O.

"Getting a facial with Kari is a physical, mental and spiritual treat! She has such passion for excellent skincare and is constantly improving her techniques. Facials are at the top of my self-care list because of how great my skin looks and how peaceful I feel during the process. Working with Kari is nourishment for the soul!"

- Sara Beth S.

"Kari is wonderful. She takes the time to get to know me, my lifestyle, what is important to me and what my goals are. The 90-minute Biologique Recherche facials are fantastic. The care and thought that Kari puts into that 90 minutes is amazing. She knows exactly what my skin needs and what I need. Couldn't be happier!"

- Ann P.


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